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Today’s youth are the food change makers of tomorrow. Young people reconnect with fresh food and nature through school gardens, giving them tools to take their health and future into their own hands.

The Change

Young people hold the power to create a healthy future. Through experiences with nature, they can develop into environmentally and socially aware thinkers and leaders.

Change Maker: Marissa Pho, Foodwise Teens

Marissa Pho recently graduated from John O’Connell High School in San Francisco, where she participated in Foodwise's garden and job training program for teens. Through her experiences learning to grow food for herself and her community, she made connections between her personal health and the health of the planet, and developed confidence to take on new challenges with an open mind. “Youth are our future. We are the future,” says Marissa. “It is important that we all work together to create a more environmentally healthy community, and world for that matter.”

As young people build skills and confidence they will carry with them throughout their lives, programs like Foodwise Teens can support them in becoming vibrant, engaged, and empowered leaders who will make decisions that will impact us all.


Learn More & Take Action

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