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A just and sustainable food system serves everyone. From fields to kitchens, fair farms and food businesses offer their workers dignity, livable wages, and decision making power.

The Change

There are an estimated three million farm workers in the U.S. who grow, harvest, and bring food to our tables. Those workers are often paid very low wages for long hours spent in difficult working conditions. The movement for fair food works to ensure that every worker is well taken care of.

Change Maker: Martín Peñaloza, Swanton Berry Farm

Martín Peñaloza works at Swanton Berry Farm, which was the first commercially viable organic strawberry farm in California. But the farm didn’t limit its vision of sustainability to environmentalism. With the dignity of farm labor as a founding principle, Swanton was also the first organic farm to sign a contract with the United Farm Workers/AFL-CIO. This contract gives its employees a good pay scale, a medical and dental plan, a retirement plan, generous holiday pay, vacation pay, and other benefits. The farm also offers low-cost housing and aims to ensure the best possible working conditions for its employees.

Support fair farms and food businesses who put their workers first. In a truly sustainable food system, every person is fairly compensated for their valuable work, and treated with respect and care.




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