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Saving seeds builds resilience. Heirloom seeds have been nurtured, preserved, and passed down by farmers for centuries. Planting the seeds of our ancestors promotes flavor, nutrition, and variety in our food supply.

The Change

Heirloom varieties reflect the breadth of biodiversity in our food supply, which has been threatened by industrial agriculture over the last century. The richness of heirlooms developed over thousands of years protects against blight and disease, and offers a natural and cultural legacy for future generations.

Change Maker: Mai Nguyen, Farmer Mai and California Grain Campaign

Mai Nguyen farms to provide delicious, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food using environmentally regenerative methods. Together with a group of farmers, bakers, millers, and advocates, she helped found The California Grain Campaign to revive and preserve the dwindling diversity of grains in our food supply. The goal is to take grains out of the worldwide commodity system and place them into a sustainable regional food system. In the process, they hope to increase transparency, variety, and knowledge of the grains grown in California.

Farmers like Mai depend on you to keep endangered heirloom and heritage foods alive. Biodiversity is critical to a robust food system, ensuring food security and good health for everyone--and delicious flavors, too!



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