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Keep family farms thriving. Supporting local farmers and food businesses to sell directly at the farmers market grows healthy urban and rural communities, while strengthening our local economy and preserving farmland.

The Change

Shopping at farmers markets gives urban eaters access to fresh, healthy, and delicious food straight from the source, while investing directly in small family farms and strengthening rural communities.

Change Maker: Rudy Jimenez, Green Thumb Organics


Providing healthy, organic food for his community is at the heart of Rudy Jimenez’s mission as a farmer. Growing up in a farmworker family, he founded Green Thumb Organics, a three-acre certified organic farm in East Salinas, California, to do just that. In contrast to large-scale conventional farms in the area, he sells his produce through a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, and at farmers markets like the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco. Selling direct to the public has been instrumental in growing his farm business. He gives back to his community by offering health education programs, using art on the farm, and providing farm-fresh meals for children of farmworkers in the area.

You can help community-minded farmers like Rudy thrive by supporting them directly at the farmers market, so that they can make a living bringing sustainable produce to our tables.



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