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Caring for People, Animals, and Land During COVID-19

"Everything we do is about the health of the animal, the health of the land, and the sustainability of the people," says rancher Dede Boies of Root Down Farm. "My philosophy is to hold those things as best as we can together." While industrial meat factories have put the lives of workers at risk during the pandemic, humane ranchers like Dede continue to prioritize the care of the people and animals within the ecosystem. Get a behind-the-scenes peek of Dede, her wife, Melissa, and their daughter, Eddy, working on the farm, with their adorable pasture-raised chicks, piggies, and farm dogs. Support Root Down Farm at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays, and keep small, humane ranchers thriving.

Learn more about Root Down Farm. Video by Anne Hamersky. This blog post is part of a series inspired by The Food Change, a public art project by CUESA, featuring farmers, advocates, and everyday people who are making positive change in our food system.


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