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The Food Change is a multifaceted educational project from Foodwise championing farmers, advocates, and everyday people who are making positive change in our food system. Through a larger-than-life photomural installation at San Francisco’s iconic Ferry Building, online resources, and live events, The Food Change will inspire people of all ages to take part in creating a fair, regenerative, and delicious food future.

About Foodwise

Foodwise (formerly CUESA) is a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating a sustainable food system through the operation of farmers markets and educational programs. Founded in 1994, Foodwise operates the world-renowned Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and Mission Community Market in San Francisco. Foodwise is a cutting-edge force in influencing how people grow, produce, and eat food in the Bay Area and beyond.

About Anne Hamersky

Anne Hamersky is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in a wide range of publications including Time, LIFE, Los Angeles Times, Saveur, and National Geographic Traveler. Hamersky has exhibited nationally and internationally; authored public art projects, social media campaigns, and short-form videos. Hamersky has been dedicated to documenting food systems subjects for more than two decades. Her 2010 book Farm Together Now showcases 20 diversified agricultural operations around the country. She says, “ Whether on farmland or urban streets, I strive to create an envelope where people feel seen and heard. For me, there is power when subject, light, gesture, color, and frame come together—and it’s through this visual unity that I aim to take an audience to a more informed, compassionate, activated place.”


Design: Christie Rixford and Natalie Estrada, Super Natural Design.

Photo assistants: Jessica Baca, Leslie Calderon, Prince Dean, Jess Garrett, Lucy Goodhart, Jessy Jones.

Makeup artist for Food Democracy: Taiwo Koyejo.

Cover image: Elizabeth Walker, food stylist; Ethan Worman, Zarina Shkolnik, hand models. 

The Food Change is made possible with funding by:

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