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Be a food waste warrior! A whopping 40% of food is wasted along the food chain. We can save fresh, delicious food from the landfill or compost pile by getting it to hungry bellies first.

The Change

Americans throw away about 20 pounds of food per person per month, while millions of families are food insecure. Keeping good food out of the trash bin ensures that precious resources don’t go to waste.

Change Maker: Keith Goldstein and Seth and Ethan Archarya, Food Runners

As volunteers for Food Runners, Keith Goldstein, Seth Archarya, and Seth’s son, Ethan, rescue food that might otherwise go to waste. Food Runners was founded in 1987 on the simple idea: donate food from those who have too much to those who have too little. This grassroots organization picks up excess food from businesses, restaurants, and farmers markets and delivers it to agencies that feed hungry people in San Francisco. Food Runners recovers over 15 tons of food each week--enough for over 10,000 meals!

Like Keith, Seth, and Ethan, we can all be food waste warriors. From buying only what you need, eating your leftovers, and supporting organizations like Food Runners, you, too, can take a bite out of food waste.



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