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Sometimes the answer is right under your nose. Preserving and sharing ancestral food wisdom offers solutions to some of the most pressing sustainability challenges we face today.

The Change

Food wisdom is born out of traditions that have sustained people for centuries. Food culture is worth preserving because it connects us to land and community.

Change Maker: Monica Martinez, Don Bugito


Monica Martinez celebrates the food of her ancestors through a lens of sustainability. A designer, educator, and entrepreneur, she founded Don Bugito to educate people about and share delicious foods native to the Americas. Inspired by Pre-Columbian Mexican cuisine, Don Bugito offers edible insects in sweet and savory flavors, such as chocolate-covered superworms and chile-lime crickets. Though less commonly eaten in the United States, insects are a highly nutritional and sustainable food source savored by 80 percent of the world. And farming them provides environmental benefits because insects don’t require as much land and resources and large-scale livestock.

You, too, can help can preserve traditional foods for the benefit of our planet, heritage, and bellies. While it may take a bit of bravery to eat an insect for the first time, you may discover these planet-friendly snacks are your new favorite treat!



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