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Support farmers who support nature. Ecological farmers grow food while protecting resources, promoting biodiversity, and fostering new growth for generations to come.

The Change

Conventional farms use chemical pesticides that harm people, the soil, and water, but organic farms grow food in ways that support the health of our communities and the planet.

Change Maker: Curtis Lucero, Lucero Organic Farms

Curtis Lucero operates Lucero Organic Farms on 19.5 acres in California’s Central Valley. Curtis’s father, Ben, was raised in a farmworker family, and he started his own organic farm in the 1960s. The farm became certified organic in 2002. With biodiversity as a cornerstone, Lucero Organic Farms grows over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables. They do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. To build soil fertility and manage pests, they use crop rotation, plant cover crops, apply compost, and plant habitat for beneficial insects. Such techniques use less fossil fuel and produce fewer greenhouse gases than conventional farms, while conserving resources and enriching the earth.

Respectful of the ecosystem in which they farm, organic farmers like the Luceros work in partnership with nature to bring wholesome food to our tables, and sustain their farmland for future generations.


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