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Farming is a profession of hope. The next generation depends on our support to succeed, so they can care for the land while growing the fresh and delicious food that feeds us.

The Change

In the United States, the average age of a farmer is 58.6 and climbing, which means we need new farmers more than ever. And beginning farmers need support to be successful as they bring healthy, local food to our tables while stewarding the land.

Change Maker: Maria Ana Reyes, Narci Organic Farms at ALBA

Farmer Maria Ana Reyes is building her agricultural and business skills with the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA), where she started Narci Organic Farms. ALBA works to advance economic viability, social equity, and ecological land management among limited-resource and aspiring farmers. On two organic farms in Monterey County, ALBA’s participants grow and sell crops as they work toward establishing agricultural businesses of their own. They receive training in organic farm production, marketing, record-keeping, labor law, pest management, and other topics related to operating a small farm business.

Maria Ana and aspiring farmers like her are the future of our food system. Together with organizations like ALBA, we can help them build that future on a foundation that nourishes the earth and all its inhabitants.


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