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Animals are allies. Healthy, happy farm animals are an important part of a vibrant farm ecosystem. As they roam on fresh pasture, their rooting and romping adds fertility to the soil.

The Change

Raising livestock in crowded spaces, which is standard practice at factory farms, is inhumane for animals and negatively impacts the environment. Humane ranchers, on the other hand, aim to create conditions that care for animals’ wellbeing and the earth.

Change Maker: Dede Boies, Root Down Farm

Rancher Dede Boies is passionate about raising healthy, happy animals while responsibly stewarding the land. She is the founder of Root Down Farm, an Animal Welfare Approved poultry and pig farm located in the coastal town of Pescadero, California. Animals roam on open pasture, where they can forage, run, and wallow in mud. They are are fed organic grain and are never given any hormones. And as they move through the pastures, the animals’ manure contributes to soil health and fertility.

While avoiding factory-farmed meat products is important to minimizing the impacts of animal agriculture, raising animals sustainably is also an important part of the solution. Holistic ranching practices like those that Dede practices on her farm are better for the animals, the land, and you.



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