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To the ballot box! Vote with your vote, not just your fork. Use your political power and organize with your community to take action in shaping equitable food and health policies.

The Change

An equitable and just food system serves everyone. Grassroots organizing and collective action by engaged citizens have shaped many of the fair food policies we live by today.

Change Makers: Shakirah Simley, Community Organizer; Esperanza Pallana, Systems Change Strategist; Nina Ichikawa, Policy Director


Shakirah Simley, Esperanza Pallana, and Nina Ichikawa are three Bay Area activists who have been steeped in food systems change for years. Working with their communities, each of these change makers approaches the challenges of our food system from a different angle: Shakirah is a community organizer and writer, earning her organizing chops with over a decade of working on food equity, labor, and youth campaigns. She is driven by youth engagement and leadership, and collaborative, multi-racial organizing that empowers communities for collective resistance. Esperanza has over 15 years of experience in food policy, environmental health, and public health advocacy. The focus of her work is racial justice through community-driven economic development and equitable and sustainable food systems. Nina is the Policy Director at the Berkeley Food Institute, which strives to transform food systems to expand access to healthy, affordable food, and promote sustainable and equitable food production.

Change doesn’t happen alone. Your participation is needed to push for policies that protect healthy food, farms, and communities.



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