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Supporting Next Generation Organic Farmers During COVID-19

"If we get back to Mother Nature, she'll take care of us in the long run." This #EarthDay, farmer Rudy Jimenez of Green Thumb Organic Farm shares what motivated him to start farming organically five years ago, and how the COVID-19 crisis is a wakeup call to create the healthy, equitable, and regenerative world everyone deserves. "It gives an opportunity to step back and look at what we are doing every day and how we can be more in tune with nature...Are we walking to destruction or into an earth that is more eco-friendly for everybody?" Support next generation organic farmers like Rudy, who are the future of our food system, at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Learn more about Green Thumb Organics. Video by Anne Hamersky. This blog post is part of a series inspired by The Food Change, a public art project by CUESA, featuring farmers, advocates, and everyday people who are making positive change in our food system.


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